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Local to the very heart of Montana, Haeli Allen is as committed to songwriting as she is to balancing life with her husband and children on their cattle ranch outside of Lewistown. 

“2017 album, The Gilt Edge Collection, a snug, enjoyable selection of original country-bluesy numbers,  takes its title from a nearby gold mining encampment that reached the peak of its prosperity in the early 1910s. Allen’s debut recording clips along crisply with smart, well-enunciated lyrics and energy to keep it intriguing, songs that capture the complexity of human emotion, with plenty of appreciation for the infectious nature of a swaggering, bluesy-country refrain.

While Allen’s debut album could be considered a solo offering, she has since grown increasingly comfortable cushioned by a family of musicians; Allen and husband Jaxon, their son Freddie Allen, two of Jaxon’s siblings: Weston Allen & Kenzie Allen Palmer, as well as drummer and friend CJ Bailey form The Sightliners.” Brian D’Ambrosio 

The Sightliners just released their debut album “Citizens Band” recorded in Lubbock, TX at Amusement Park Studio with producer Scott Faris. It’s a high variety offering of originals, done Sightliner style, with new takes on a few old favorites. Available at:

Link to Haeli Allen’s Spotify profile

Introducing Haeli Allen : Youtube

“Mountain Man” : Youtube

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